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Welcome to Annie Moo Moo’s Gourmet Goodies!

Not your grandma’s jellies!

Some familiar flavors, some completely different! All my products are made with the best ingredients – one taste and you’ll be hooked!

I pride myself on producing gourmet jams and jellies that are different than what you’ll find in most commercial grocery stores, along with delicious salts and rubs you’ll be proud to use in your kitchen or at your next barbeque! My products are gluten free (except my TNT Spicy Mustard contains wheat from beer) and lactose free while made with pure cane sugar and the freshest produce I can find with no artificial colors or flavors! While you browse my selections, you will notice that I also have some “sugar free” varieties which will be filled with all the delicious flavor you expect without the addition of cane sugar. These are sweetened with Stevia or no sweetener at all!

What is the greatest part about my products? They are versatile in many different uses and the only limit is your imagination! My jams and jellies can be used as an accompaniment to your breakfast or dessert tables! Enjoy them slathered with your breakfast goodies as well as poured over ice cream or your favorite cheesecake, pound cake or angel food cake!

Take a gander and you just might find your new favorite!