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Our History


When I was a youth in California I helped my mother in the kitchen a lot! That was where our relationship bonded and my love of cooking began. For a couple of those years, mom went through a phase of canning goods for the family so we went out on weekends to pick-your-own farms and picked cherries, green beans, apples and whatever was in season to bring home and preserve. Fresh produce cooked with love made those some of the best goodies (and memories) ever!

Fast forward to 2013 – I still have my mother’s original canning equipment and a family of my own. I have lived in Texas over 15 years where produce is plentiful and the roadside farm stands and farmers markets are loaded with beautiful local fruits and vegetables! I decided I wanted to preserve for my family as my mother did so many years ago, so I found a few good recipes and started canning. Now let me digress a little . . . we all have that “one” friend who takes pictures of everything they cook, eat, buy (embarrassingly raises hand) . . . I wanted to share my creations with my friends and post pictures and descriptions of what I had made that weekend – and on Monday morning they would surround me asking for “the goods”! After about a month of this, a friend approached me and asked why I don’t sell what I make? Well, I never gave it much thought that anyone would want to.  A couple of those friends became my first customers and I was hooked!

January 1, 2014 became the official start of Annie Moo Moo’s Gourmet Goodies and I spent my evenings and weekends cooking in the kitchen so I could attend a couple small events, while working full-time outside the house during the week.  People liked my products and I gained a small following! By June 6th, I quit my full-time job to dedicate all my energies to this business and have never looked back!

Today, I cook and create many of my products from a small commercial kitchen beside my home in Rusk, Texas. I attend several local community festivals and events, as well as being  a member of GoTEXAN through the USDA which promotes small Texas businesses.  Most recently I’ve completed a retail line of products which you can purchase here or find available locations around Texas listed on my blog.

Welcome to my kitchen!